Drop it like its hot!



Swiss engineered golf Equipment.

Our goal is to make your practice perfect. We develop products who deliver feedback the way you need to sharpen your golf game. On course and indoors. Developt with industry veterans - backed up with science. Field approved efficiency.

Learn how to play



To be prepared for the beauty of the greatest game under the sun you have to prepare your practice. Not just hit and hope. We deliver state of the art training equipment - so you can setup easily and practice efficiently.


Repeate what is good. Through our products we ensure, that you practice shots with the right outcome. You can ingrain that feeling and we reasure the desired outcome.


Whats practice for if you don’t acquire a new skill or you don’t sharpen your ability to play with more precision and feeling. Our tools help you to acquire not only fundamentals but finesse & style.



All that blood, sweat and tears is a waste if you don’t put your skin in the game. Lets compete! Not only tournaments are competitions. Compete against your friends, your last round or agains your inerself. We are prepared. Together!