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The Products

The Touch Mat

The Touch Mat

What it is This mat is developed to practice short and mid range putting distance as well as setup and stroke alignments.

Distance Different starting points and different landing zones provide a big variety of putting targets and ensure a efficient and funny practice session. Protocols can be found in our games area or can be developed on the fly. The mat can be used flat without the ramp but we highly recommend to use them together to ensure that you can practice in the full range.

Setup The setup can be easily repeated and practiced through the markings on the mat. The gray and black color blocks are helping with your alignment.

Stroke The t spot with its big white line and the pink gate markings are your go to impact trainer. Additional equipment like mirrors or swing path mats can easily be aligned.

Numbers 300cm long / 50cm wide / 1 Foot steps / Speed 10 Stimp / Manufactured in China in a healthy environment.

The Ramp

The Ramp

What it is The Ramp is a ball rebounder. Its function is to double the putting distance of the touch putting mat and to give the player a chance to play a big variety of different putts.

Target The hole marking and the pink perfect speed spot are developed together with the ramp. The hole entry speed is two feet past the hole if the ball hits the pink spot. The rebound will end in the pink zone and can be used as a perfect speed target.

Specs Shipped in pieces. Developed in Switzerland and produced in Germany.